Hollow creatures don't feel the earth shake.


i hate whenever you suggest a poc actor for a mcu role and all these comic book assholes crawl out of the woodwork and raise a finger going “eeehhh excuse me but doctor strange / janet van dyne / etc etc etc was white in the comics, soooooo” like thank u im so glad u have pointed out that comics written 50 years ago by racist white people didnt have any diversity in them i mean gosh thats really relevant to a movie casting decision in 2014

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Anonymous: If I were dating you we'd go on dates to used bookstores and watch lots of movies and I'd play with your hair whenever we cuddled.

Umm how do you know what sounds like absolute perfection to me, that’s impressive.

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Title: Stuck On The Puzzle
Artist: Alex Turner
Album: Submarine Soundtrack
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i’m not the kind of fool 
who’s gonna sit and sing to you
about stars, girl

but last night i looked up into
the dark half of the blue
and they’d gone backwards

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I’m still not like.. great or anything right now, but

  • if I can last a few more weeks I will have gone a whole year without an anxiety attack
  • I’m currently spending quite a lot of time surrounded by loving, supportive, funny people who somehow make me feel safe
  • I start shooting my short film this week which means getting to focus on making something/doing what I enjoy/working with cool people


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the sexual tension between me and good cinematography

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So if you could choose to be bitten or stung by a radioactive animal which powers you’d have afterwards, which one would it be? x (for harafu)

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